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Posted by M.B.Huntley on 26/03/2014   Email

Would like to find people that went to Beardall school in the mid 60's

Posted by John and Lynne Bradbury on 21/07/2011

Re Wednesday Evenings Tour 1 July 20th. Most enjoyable and informative. We went to places that we had never noticed before. Very knowledgeable guide. Thank you.

Posted by Andrew Anderson on 15/05/2011   Email

Excellent Website, When i have got my head around a few bits and bobs on m website, il include a link to your.

Posted by maria walton on 24/04/2011   Email

good website, clear and easy to get around everything. hoping to book a tour very soon that should be very interesting to do.

Posted by elaine on 24/04/2011   Email

I would just like to say how helpful the people are that work in the tourist shop on the high street and the web site is fab too, well done all :-)